Our Fibreglass Boat Planters are made to last and to maintain their beauty for Years to come.

  • High quality flawless constuction
  • Attractive decor enhancers
  • Ideal for Commercial or Residential use
  • Durable – Lightweight
  • Indoor or Outdoor use ( FROST RESISTANT )
  • Minimal care and maintenance required ( Occasional Wax/Polish )

High quality planters are finished using ONLY Rustproof Products ie:

Stainless Steel

Titanfast edging ( on ALL Boats )
FlowCoat applied to Inside Surfaces of ALL Boats

When you feel the surface of our products or inspect the interior, it is smooth and continuous which is what you expect from High Quality Fibreglass Products

All Fibreglass Boat Planters are DOUBLE Gel Coated in TWO (2) colours of your choice and where required are supplied with Wall Plugs, Washers and Pozidrive Screw Wall mountings.

The Boat Planters can be personalised with your Name, Property, Grandchild etc and can also have birthdate/anniversary date at rear of boat.

All Boat Planters will arrive carefully wrapped in a Double Walled Rigid Cardboard Container for your security and peace of mind.